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Tire Temp Diagnostics

29 Aug 2016

Posted by John Woods in GPL-Setups/Replays
Fluke Corporation makes thermometers that are used by race engineers to measure tire temps.
The link below goes to a page on their site related to tire temps and setup tuning.
It includes a graphic showing the info below, along with the article on tire temps.


From the table:

"Use the following table as a general guideline to interpret readings and make adjustments to the car:

Symptom Diagnosis

Center hotter than edges
Tire pressure too high. Reduce 1 psi for each 5° F delta

Edges hotter than center
Tire pressure too low. Add 1 psi for each 5° F delta

Inner edge hotter than outer
Too much negative camber

Outer edge hotter than inner
Not enough negative camber or too much toe-in

Tire below ideal temperature range
Tire pressure too high, tire too wide, or springs/sway bars too soft at that axle

Tire above ideal temperature range
Tire pressure too low, tire too narrow, or springs/sway bars too stiff at that axle

Front tires hotter than rear
Car is under steering (pushing). Too much front spring/sway bar, not enough rear spring/sway bar, front pressure too low, rear pressure too high, front tires too narrow, rear tires too wide

Rear tires hotter than front
Car is over steering (loose). Too much rear spring/sway bar, not enough front spring/sway bar, rear pressure too low, front pressure too high, rear tires too narrow, front tires too wide"

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Pit Board In 69 Mod

29 Aug 2016

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Not sure if this is feasible or as been asked before. Don't know why I haven't seen it before?

Anyway in 69x mod, using High Wings on the Brabham, at Kyalami. When coming round to the S/F and seeing the auto Pit-Board,I can't see the info because of the front wing.
Small issue,but wondered whether rectifiable?

Thanks  :hat-tip:


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Crystal Palace - A Little "big" Update

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Posted by db312 in GPL-Track Addons
Hello everybody !!! :)

Another "montage" for a famous historical circuit at least so known as Spa !!! ... :mellow:... Ok... perhaps not known so well, but it's never too late... :yeah:

I hope some of you will discover (or rediscover...) this challenging funny track around your garden... :D :D :D

Generally I try to do moderate stuff but this time it's a little bit HEAVIER... (after installation the crystal's folder is about 70mo...) :sleepy: ...

Normally nobody would have bad surprise because with my old computer I have absolutely no problem !
(Dell - Intel 1.86GHz - 1giga - 256MB ATI Radeon X1300Pro... and it works...)

Just tell me if you encounter some disagreements and I will reduce the file's size  :)

To get an idea...
Attached File  crystal_palace.jpg   152.71K   26 downloads

And the update...
Attached File  crystal_Dbupdt.zip   20.31MB   17 downloads

Take care all of you and have fun :bye:

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Syracuse '67 Home Footage

25 Aug 2016

Posted by Elijahroberson in Motorsport Chat
I found some home footage of the 1967 Syracuse Grand Prix
It includes Scarfiotti and Parks dead heat at the finish. Looking at this and the GPL track there are some differences on the front stretch, but I like the GPL track the way it is


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Dan Gurney Ill

26 Aug 2016

Posted by JacnGille in Motorsport Chat

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